Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mindware PLTprovides a range of publication-related and research-related assistance like proofreading, editing, transcribing, translating, publishing and running training and counselling services to solve all your research problems. We provide you the attention you deserve.

We have a big pool of experts in various academic fields with extensive experience in their areas of study. We have the practical knowledge and skills needed to match your needs with the relevant experts.

We accept Microsoft Word/PDF documents. All documents can be submitted in English/Malay/Chinese language. We do not accept files submitted in other format and other languages other than those stated above. You can also submit picture or image files in jpg, jpeg or png format

It is very easy, simply click Submit Files.Here you can download the necessary form or fill up online.Then you attach your manuscript and send to

Firstly, you download the “Request for a quote” form, fill it up to inform us of what you want us to do. A job ID number will be generated and sent out to you along with a quotation and the turnaround time required to complete your job. The detailed procedure can be seen at the “About Us” in the form of a flowchart.

We charge a fee for the various services you require. Take a look at the “Pricing” page for details. Our charges are reasonable. Prices depend very much on  the difficulty and error level on the pages of the job.

All clients are required to pay 50% of the agreed fee after receiving the quotation from HEmindatwareSERVICES. The second half of payment will be requested before the posting of the final completed job to the client within 3 days of notification.

All job turnaround time will be informed together with the quotation. A job that requires longer turnaround time will be negotiated between the client and the matched expert.

Mindware PLT format manuscript based on the style of the Journal the clients intend to publish.

No, manuscript/work will not be used without the client’s consent. Your work is safe with us and will never be provided to third parties without the client’s consent. We are very serious about privacy issues.

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