training programs

  1. Statistic for research students 
  2. Statistic for industry 
  3. Statistic for layman 
  4. Data Analysis: Parametric Tests
  5. Data Analysis: NonParametric Tests
  1. Multiple Linear Regression
  2. Factor Analysis
  3. Structural Equation Modeling
  4. Logistic Regression
  5. Manova and Mancova
  1. Quantitative Research Methods
  2. Qualitative Research Methods
  3. Proposal Writing: Quantitative & Qualitative Approach

Microsoft Excel is a simple analytical tool to perform statistical analysis. This course provides a good overview of the basics, from doing calculations to more advanced techniques with Excel. Our trainer covers the following topics.

  1. Excel Data Analysis Tool
  2. Basic Statistical Concepts
  3. Hypothesis Testing
  4. Correlation Analysis
  5. Analysis of Variance
  6. Regression
  7. Real world examples
  8. Practice session

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Our clients say

“The courseware is very useful not only for experienced researchers but also for those who just started to do a research and have a very little knowledge on statistics. This courseware helps a lot in giving guidance to identify the best statistical test for the research finding analysis. It is user-friendly and easy to access.”
Norhazizah Julaihi
Lecturer UITM Sarawak
“Very impressive design. This software is beneficial and can make the research methodology easier for the researcher.”
Zakiah Hj. Sulaiman
Twintech College Sarawak
"Having attended Research Methodology Course and hands-on with SPSS last year , I found that the modules had helped me tremendously with my statistical analyses and, by using trial and error, I can, more or less, decide which method fit my work. With the STestMap, which I intend to purchase,
Andrew Nyorik
Researcher,TRTTC / AFSID, Sarawak Forestry Corporation
“It is a very useful tool - expedites research work and can be used as a teaching aid as well.”
Assoc. Prof. Mary Magdaline Pereira
Lecturer UITM Sarawak
"I am currently pursuing my Phd with UiTM and found that your 'design' is very useful and helpful.”
Awang Mentali
Manager of Domestic Trade Relations STIDC
User need to have a basic knowledge on the basic theory on the which indicator to be used. At least there are some information in the glossary/ software for reference.”
Haslinda Abdul Ghani
Accountant Perbendaharaan Sarawak
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