About Us

About Us


Our company is named as such because we utilizes the psychology of the mind to fully realize your potential. Thus we include the concept and


Mindware PLT is defined as rules, procedures and other forms of knowledge that are stored in our memory and can be retrieved in order to help us make decisions and solve problems (Stanovich, 2009)


Say what you mean and mean what you say​


Mindware PLT offers research and publication-related services.We are straightforth with all our dealings with you.

Our main aim is to provide the best fit between the client’s need and the expertise required to solve the clients problems. We are a group of dedicated educators who have amassed much expertise to provide these services. We to have enrolled the best service to our clients and hope to make contributions to the academics world in seeing our clients succeed as academics. We promise to keep prices affordable and fair. 

Our Services

  • Proof Reading & Editing
  • Provide advice on your data analysis
  • Provide advice in doing research
  • Advise and counsel you on education matters
  • Translate from source language to target language and vice versa
  • Transcribe interviews / speeches / video recordings
  • Provide in house training / conference /seminars on research and teaching & learning matters
  • Suggest appropriate research / mindware tool to use in your research and education matters

Our Credibility

Our Work Process Flowchart (Click image to enlarge)



Contact Us

+6017 386 9354


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